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Volunteers, helpers and cake donors!

We’re new. We’re forced to face the fact every day and the number of open items on our to-do lists isn’t getting any smaller...

That’s why we appreciate any assistance we can get: volunteers, helpers, supporters, man- and womanpower as well as practical help too.

  • In exchange, moers festival offers you:
  • a look behind the scenes at the festival, e.g. contact to the artists
  • a great time in an innovative team
  • free camping at the festival camping area
  • food and beverages on your work days
  • free admission to moers festival: 1 work day (min. 6 hour shift) gives you the right to a free pass for a day of your choice, while 2 or more work days (at min. 6 hour shift per day) entitles you to a festival ticket
  • volunteer festival t-shirt


Tearing off ticket stubs, distributing flyers, baking cakes for our artists, hanging up posters, setting up and breaking down beer tents, tables and benches, setting up chairs, driving stuff from point A to point B (with a quick trip to point C in between), or bringing a giant puppet to life yourself, manning the backstage grill for an evening, assuming responsibility for a bonfire ring in the park for a night... the list goes on and on, it’s basically endless!

If you’re interested in supporting us at moers festival as a volunteer, please go ahead and fill out the form linked below.

If you would like to help us out in another capacity, please feel free to write us an email at info(@)moers-festival(.)de.

We appreciate every bit of support we get!

Application to volunteer for mœrs festival 2021

Please complete the full form (making sure everything is legible) and send it along with a photo of yourself to: info(@)moers-festival(.)de with the subject line: Volunteer 2021 or by mail to:

Moers Kultur GmbH
Ostring 9
47441 Moers