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How do you experience moers festival 2020? Send us your messages from the balcony, the backyard or park… Comment on facebook, post on Instagram, tweet, send us pictures, poems or videos, send us a mail! #vereinzeltversammelt

Become part of the analogue super-livestream-festival 2020 on, arte CONCERT or facebook! Enter our super-sweepstake and win the grand prize of the entire mœrschandise-Shop!*

How does it work?

Facebook: Tag us @moersfestival and use #vereinzeltversammelt. Please note: You’ll have to post publicly so that we can see what you posted!

Instagram: Tag @moersfestival in your picture or video and use #vereinzeltversammelt

Twitter: Tag @moers_festival and use #vereinzeltversammelt

Via E-Mail: Don’t like Social Media? Drop us an E-Mail: vereinzeltversammelt(@)moers-festival(.)de!

*the winner will be drawn after the festival. The grand prize is one of each item from our mœrschandise-Shop!