15 years ago, a handful of girls from Leipzig decided that high-level singing in the “Bach city” shouldn’t only be the domain of the guys in the world-famous St. Thomas Boys Choir. With naturalness, youthful charm, extraordinary musicality and breath-taking intonation, they have gone their own way since, winning international awards, gracing festival stages and regularly releasing CDs following their debut in 2011. It is precisely this youthfulness and authenticity that moved us to invite them to Moers – we are looking forward to a sensitively constructed programme of new Scandinavian church and folk music of addictive beauty, performed with verve and soul (after all, sjael is the Danish term for the latter). And the fact that the title “World Harmony” also has a political dimension for the young women is demonstrated by their engagement as world-wide ambassadors for the SOS-Kinderdörfer charity.

Line-Up: Viola Blache (voc), Marie Fenske (voc), Franziska Eberhardt (voc), Marie-Charlotte Seidel (voc), Felicitas Erben (voc), Helene Erben (voc)
Time: Sunday, 31st May 2020, 17:50

Pictures by Antje Kröger