Rajesh Mehta “Sky Cage”

Rajesh Mehta's story is not that easy to reduce to a simple formula. Born in India and raised in the USA, Mehta studied engineering at the world famous MIT in Boston, before later becoming a student of Anthony Braxton and moving to Europe in the early 1990s. In Amsterdam, Berlin, Chennai and Singapore he developed his fascinating hybrid instruments, which open up totally new sounds and possibilities for the world of brass music. His piece “Sky Cage” is a meditation on one of his own drawings: “a meditation about spiritual freedom. It depicts a sort of immaterial being, caught in a cage-like field of rotating lights. This results in an inspired cosmic musical dance in which the spirit-creature ironically celebrates the freedom that it feels in the Cage itself." For Moers 2020, Mehta invites three outstanding musicians to improvise with him on this theme.

Line-up: Rajesh Mehta (slide, hybrid trp), Georges-Emmanuel Schneider (vl, elec), Keith O’Brien (g, elec), Chad Popple (drums, tablas)
Time: Sunday, 31st May 2020, 15:05

Pictures by Dezsö Horvarth (Rajesh Mehta)