Overlapping collaborations meet here at close quarters: Wassermann and Ulher have been bringing together their extraordinary voices and sounds for a long time now, Keune and Schneider have been playing together on and off for 30 years, Schneider and Hirt have even been musical partners since the late 1970s. However, this particular configuration is totally of-the-minute: a sensitive dialogue among top-rate improvisers, blending their individual sonic languages into a never-before-heard group sound, radical, without hierarchies or compromises – and only for us in Moers!

Line-up: Erhard Hirt (git, elec, dobro), Stefan Keune (ss), Hans Schneider (bs), Birgit Ulher (tp, radio, speaker, objects), Ute Wassermann (voc, vogelpfeifen)
Time: Saturday, 30th May 2020, 16:50

Pictures by Thomas Schnellen (Erhard Hirt), Natascha Töpp (Stefan Keune), Hannes Schneider (Hans Schneider), Giorgia Fanelli (Ute Wassermann), Gunnar Lettow (Birgit Ulher)


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