Niels Klein Trio & EOS Kammerorchester, cond. Susanne Blumenthal

The wonderful 2017 festival Monday is indelibly imprinted in our memories. Susanne Blumenthal and her EOS chamber orchestra teamed up with first-rate New Yorker improvisers and the vocalists of Kölner Vokalsolisten to perform large-scale works composed by Ingrid Laubrock (improviser in residence 2012): an absolute highlight in the entire festival history! This time out, Niels Klein has done the composing, and will be bringing along his trio, while challenging the orchestra to leave their “predetermined categories and role concepts” behind. Improvisation and composed elements are tightly interwoven here, with the intent of creating something new “beyond classical and jazz”. Destined to be a 2020 highlight!

EOS Kammerorchester Köln: Katharina Vogt (vl), Ségolène de Beaufond (vl), Terese Pletkute (vl), Maria Suwelak (vl), Volha Hanchar (vl), Eva Csizmadia (vl), Christine Schäfer (vl), Pauline Buss (vla), Lydia Haurenherm (vla), Tom Verbeke (vc), Hannah Freienstein (vc), Pierre Dekker (bs), Roland Meschede (fl), Anja Schmiel (ob), Kristof Dömötör (cl), Susanne Knoop (tp), Chris Weddle (hn), Shawn Grocott (tb), Susanne Blumenthal (leader)
Niels Klein Trio: Niels Klein (ts, comp), Robert Landferman (bs) , Fabian Arends (dr)
Time: Saturday, 30th May 2020, 20:05

Picture by Helmut Berns