discussions #2: 51 %

London 1977 - the Feminist Improvising Group begins performing as Europe’s first female ensemble for improvised music.

Berlin 2018 – the Deutsche Jazzunion (German Jazz Union) publishes a “Joint Statement on Equality for Women in Jazz”.

51 percent of our population is female.

The objectives of the autonomous women’s movement of the 1970s are today considered largely out-dated by the general public. The post-modern world appears to be teeming with countless opportunities to live out one’s true identity beyond the limits of prescribed roles. But is this really the case? We’ll be discussing equality for female musicians with Caroline Thon (fuchsthone orchestra), Alexandra Lehmler (Deutsche Jazzunion), Barbara Barth (Peng Festival) and Christina Fuchs (saxophonist and composer).

Moderation: Anke Demirsoy

Time: Saturday, 30th May 2020, 14:25