Askari / Jeffery / Klare / Krämer

Somewhere near Herne, circa 1970: like some sort of German rustbelt Tony Williams, Achim Krämer shook up the Ruhrpott scene as a teenager and was considered a child prodigy in the jazz world. Today, after countless gigs and collaborations, the drummer still has that unteachable feel for the finest swing, intensive colours and how to place pauses just right. For Moers, he has put together a dream quartet: frontmen Klare and Jeffery are both tremendous horn players, though approaching from completely different angles, the one high-energy, the other a specialist in long echoing, almost meditative tones. And with the selection of Cologne-based bassist Reza Askari, Senior Krämer demonstrates that he has a watchful eye on the young generation too. An exquisite line-up, one that also casually manages to capture the essence of jazz hotspots Berlin, Cologne and the Ruhrgebiet.

Line-up: Jan Klare (reeds), Hilary Jeffery (tb), Reza Askari-Motlagh (b), Achim Krämer (dr)
Time: Saturday, 30th May 2020, 18:15

Picture by Annamarie Ursula (Reza Askari)


Website: Hilary JefferyJan Klare