51% feat Silke Eberhard & Guests

The ladies are in the majority! All around the world! Still, at most festivals the stage is predominantly occupied by dudes. We would like to change this state of affairs. So we asked Silke Eberhard to put together an exclusively female line-up. Carte blanche. The result is breath-taking. Seven phenomenal artists are going to rock the stage, including piano magician Elisabeth Harnik and SWR jazz award winner Liz Kosack. And right in the thick of things: our improviser in residence Mariá Portugal!

Line-up: Silke Eberhard (as), Elisabeth Harnik (p), Liz Kosack (elec), Almut Kühne (voc), Mariá Portugal (dr, elec, voc), Yuko Oshima (dr)
Time: Saturday, 30th May 2020, 21:50

Pictures by Thor Egil Leirtrø (Liz Kosack), Stefanie Marcus (Yuko Oshima), Frank Schemmann (Mariá Portugal)