Plan Kruutntoone with Reinier van Houdt

Weird folk with Dutch lyrics? No, it’s not Hermann van Veen, the odd noises with which the drummer subversively ruptures the melancholy idyll already give it away. And then suddenly the band is rocking out with a vengeance – the rhythms, until now pretty straight ahead, start to decay with strange allusions, bizarre stories are told and the listener is led out onto thin ice. After all, schaatsen is the Dutch national sport. Anarchic humour too, almost goes without saying. But how the brilliant pianist from Rotterdam Reinier van Houdt, an extreme connoisseur of the non-academic avant-garde, fits into this picture– well, that you will have to experience for yourself at the festival.

Line-Up: Hans Visser (g, chleb, voc), Reinier van Houdt (p), Dennis Schmitz (dance) und Dolf Planteijdt (sounds)
Time: Sunday, 31st May 2020, 16:55

Picture by Erik Smits