Mariá Portugal

Current mœrs festival improviser in residence Mariá Portugal can’t be stopped. Since concerts at the residence are a no-go for the moment, she simply keeps in touch with her fans through her own YouTube channel. And since her long-time collaborators are stuck in her hometown of São Paulo for the time being, she has quickly adapted and taken a good look around in Cologne and Berlin in order to find new partners in crime.  After all, she is already well connected. So it is that she will be presenting an excellent line-up that also reflects her love of symmetric instrumentation (2 high altos, 2 deep basses). We can look forward to creative combustion when Brazilian fire meets German expressionism!

Besetzung: Mariá Portugal (dr, elec, voc), Filipe Nader (asax), Angelika Niescier (asax), Moritz Wesp (tb), Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tja), Reza Askari (bs)
Spielzeit: Monday, 01st June 2020, 21:15

Pictures by Frank Schemmann (Mariá Portugal), Annamarie Ursula (Reza Askari), MEYER ORIGINALS (Carl Ludwig Hübsch)