It has been some three decades since composer and theatre maker Heiner Goebbels last made an appearance in Moers. Now he is back with a young band. The artists came together in the scope of Goebbels’ most recent theatre project, where they developed their own thoroughly individual, spacious improvisational style. This approach proved so unflinching and authentic, that the group decided to pursue performance opportunities beyond the theatre context. And with that, we come full circle: we are delighted to be able to welcome Heiner back to Moers with these four extraordinary young musicians!

Line-up: Camille Émaille (dr, perc), Heiner Goebbels (p), Cecile Lartigau (ondes martenot), Nicolas Perrin (g, elec)
Date and time: Monday, 01st June 2020, 19:40

Pictures by Fabrizio Giansante