mœrs sessions!

curated by Jan Klare

Angelika Niescier, the festival’s first improviser in residence in 2008 and a very welcome guest in Moers ever since, put it best: “For many attendees, the sessions are the real moers festival!” And where else have hundreds of listeners been able to come together since 1979 to experience sonic journeys, close encounters of the creative kind, astonishing explosions and inspired ad-hoc configurations? Although “ad-hoc” only appears accurate on first glance: curator Jan Klare has a deft touch when it comes to arranging his peers in line-ups that promise a maximum in tension and adventurousness. Join us to celebrate the essence of the festival: improvisation in its purest form!


22:55 - 23:20
Marie Daniels - voc (hilde)
Hans Visser - guitar (Plan Kruutntoone)
Johannes Nebel - bass (The Dorf)
Simon Camatta - drums (The Dorf)

23:25 - 23:50
Marlies Debacker - piano (debacker - zwißler - hübsch - nillesen)
Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums (Bauer/Narvesen)
Emily Wittbrodt - cello (hilde)

23:55 - 00:20
Jan Klare - sax
Thorsten Töpp - guitar
Tim Isfort - bass
Mariá Portugal - drums, vocals
Matthias Heße - speech

Time: Monday, 01st June 2020, 22:55