The Cologne-Ruhrgebiet axis has long since established itself on the international scene as a hotspot for contemporary improvisation. And the region’s women have also amply demonstrated that advanced improv is not “guy’s stuff”, not least of which through the cool platform created by the collective behind Essen’s PENG Festival. Four ladies from Ruhrpott formation The Dorf und Umland make up hilde, a place where extraordinary subtle song-like material meets free structures, elegantly and naturally, as if there were no boundaries between styles. As such, hilde is very tuned in to the essence of our times – gone are the days where puristic rules were dictated by old white men. hilde opens horizons.

Julia Brüssel (v), Marie Daniels (voc), Emily Wittbrodt (clo), Maria Trautmann (tb)
Date and time: Monday, 01st June 2020, 16:35

Picture by Karl-F. Degenhardt