Hein Tint & Laia Genç DUO

Cologne-based pianist and composer Laia Genç is at home in many musical worlds. She works with protagonists from the world music scene as well as specialists in avant-garde electronics, often enough at the same time. Her Istanbul Composers Orchestra is an impressive example of this tendency. Now she has accepted a special challenge: an intimate duo dialogue with a master from a totally different music culture. Hein Tint is a giant in the supreme discipline of the music of Myanmar: the 21-voice diatonic drum circle, which Tint plays with breath-taking virtuosity. The sound of the instrument, somewhere between tuned pitches and percussive sounds, is actually not so far removed from that of a grand piano. We are excited to see how these two extraordinary artists approach one another from their separate worlds, and can’t wait to hear them meet in the middle.

Line-up: Hein Tint (burmesischer Trommelkreis), Laia Genç (p)
Time: Monday, 01st June 2020, 14:45

Fotos von Anne Barth (Konzert), Dirk Vogel (Laia Genç), Daphne Wolf (Hein Tint)


Website: Laia Genç