Gunter Hampel Music + Dance Improvisation Company

Gunter Hampel has always been way ahead of the pack. As European (free) jazz was gradually evolving an identity of its own in the late 1960s, the Göttingen native was already living in New York and working with his Galaxy Dream Band, a unit he would manage to sustain for three decades. He was one of the first improvisers to build compelling bridges between Europe and the USA – which he demonstrated as early as 1973 in Moers, alongside his wife, the extraordinary vocalist Jeanne Lee. Though 83 years old today, Hampel has never settled down, in his ceaseless quest for new possibilities – while always maintaining a tight connection to the young generations. Schleiermacher and Oezsevim, among the cream of the crop in contemporary German jazz, were in their early 20s when Hampel invited them out on tour. Hampel’s band draws energy from his own children as well as from a fine selection of international dance improvisers, so wonderfully numerous these days in the Ruhr area by the way. A young, fresh, wide-awake ensemble, helmed by a youthful old master.

Line-up: Gunter Hampel (comp, vib, bcl, p, fl), Cavana Lee-Hampel (voc), Johannes Schleiermacher (sax, synth), Bernd Oezsevim (dr), Ruomi Lee Hampel (dance), Danilo Cardoso (dance), Ching Mei Huang (dance), Qadira Oechsle-Ali (dance), Magdalena Dzeco (dance)
Time: Monday, 01st June 2020, 15:40

Picture by Henryk Weiffenbach