The Dorf

The fact that The Dorf is pretty much the hottest sh-t in the big band universe, well that doesn’t need any more explaining these days. With these 30 individualists (all boasting heavy CVs) that meld into one fearsome entity in this communal melting pot and bring every room to a boil, the Ruhrpott (Germany’s Rustbelt) finally shows itself to be the metropolis that the PR experts have been going on about forever. Now air-mover Jan Klare has decided to tackle THE classical symphony, rearranging the most famous four tones in music history with relish, channelling energies tongue firmly in cheek, magnifying sequences to absurdity or grinding them into so much sonic dust. All the while showing what a profound Beethoven connoisseur he is, for there is plenty of time in this powerful sound soup for the famous oboe solo of the first movement and the Viennese master’s habit of repeating the final chord for what feels like 30 times. Klare and his Dörfler guide us painstakingly through the entire symphony, creating fresh perspectives and taking a deep, deep bow (all irony aside) to Meister Ludwig.

Line-up: Marie Daniels (voc), Oona Kastner (voc, keys), Julia Brüssel (vl), Martin Verborg (vl), Emily Wittbrodt (clo), Markus Türk (tp), Maria Trautmann (tb), Moritz Anthes (tb), Max Wehner (tb), Adrian Prost (tb), Alex Morsey (t), Sebastian Gerhartz (sax), Felix Fritsche (sax), Florian Walter (sax), Andreas Wahl (git), Christian Hammer (git), Serge Corteyn (git), Raissa Mehner (git), Oliver Siegel (synth), Gilda Razani (theremin), Achim Zepezauer (elec), Florian Hartlieb (elec), Johannes Nebel (bs), Volker Kamp (bs), Simon Camatta (dr), Marvin Blamberg (dr), Jan Klare (airmovement, comp), Denis Cosmar (sound), Ruppe Koselleck (performance)
Time: Friday, 29th May 2020, 15:50

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