“With one foot firmly rooted in the jazz tradition and the other on a totally new path” – that’s how bassist Lukas Keller describes the sonic journey of his quartet BÖRT. The four young individuals from the dense Cologne scene are a shining example for what is afoot in the world of contemporary jazz. A playful approach to the pre-existing, surprising ideas, a touch of humour and matter-of-fact virtuosity. Curiosity for the different, the unheard, drives the four to new shores. And compels them not to stand still musically: “In the field of tension between blind faith and mutual ruthlessness.”

Line-up: Theresia Philipp (sax, cl), Jonathan Hofmeister (p), Lukas Keller (kb), Jan Philipp (dr)
Time: Friday, 29th May 2020, 22:40

Pictures by Lukas Diller