Auner Quartett œ Landesjugendorchester NRW

Beethoven at mœrs festival? We thought “why not?”: after all the legendary birthday boy was an uncompromising avant-gardist in his time. You can still hear that loud and clear in some of his works today. We were able to recruit the young Vienna-based Auner Quartett to interpret two movements from the master’s late-period quartets: the chorale-like “Heiliger Dankgesang” (“Holy Song of Thanksgiving”) from op. 132 and the “Große Fuge” from op. 133, both of which still challenge contemporary ears with their radical nature.

In addition, we’ve got a special mœrs project up our sleeve: together with young musicians from the NRW State Youth Orchestra, the Viennese pros will be working up a performance of Beethoven’s “Six Bagatelles” op. 126, in Manuel Hidalgo’s fantastic 2009 adaptation for string ensemble. The miniatures, composed between monumental works like the 9th Symphony, the Mass and the late quartets, capture the essence of Beethoven’s complete oeuvre in nuce: they are lyrical, gripping, abstract and immediate.

Daniel Auner (vl), Barbara de Menezes Galante Auner (vl), Nikita Gerkusov (vla), Konstantin Zelenin (vc) & parts of Landesjugendorchester NRW Henrike Blikslager (vl), Flora Bielfeld (vl), Luisa Kohla (vl), Charlotte Weber (vl), Henrike Wille (vla), Lara Katharina May (vla), Vincent Labhenn (cao), Mathilda Overlöper (cao), Leonard Schrahe (bs)
Time and date: Friday, 29th May 2020, 16:45

Picture by Nadja Alexandrowa