André O. Möller with the Ensemble Just Systemrelevant: Adjust/Just Add

Düsseldorf-based composer and performer André O. Möller is a truly extraordinary figure. Though his music has been treated by renowned music scholars in the USA, in his homeland he has remained more on the fringe of the academic world of new music. Based on just intonation, his works are akin to natural phenomena in their power, multiplicity of forms and consistency. Möller calculates frequencies with meticulous accuracy, although he leaves his interpreters a great degree of freedom in the realisation of his scores. His composition “adjust/just add” actually consists of two pieces: on one hand, a pre-produced tape channel reproducing canonically processed pitches recorded for Möller by Swiss clarinettist Jürg Frey; joining them are the sensitively placed sounds of the live accompanying musicians. An intensive, vibrating event of equal fragility that resonates with enormous depth. And an ensemble of the highest calibre, which has made an intense personal commitment to exploring Möller’s music.

Line-up: Andre O. Möller (git, voc, comp, cond), Florian Walter (tubax, bcl, cl, voc), Julia Brüssel (vl, voc), Vincent Royer (vla), Deborah Walker (vc, voc), Rebecca Lane (bfl, fl, piccolo fl, voc), Catherine Lamb (vla, voc), Bryan Eubanks (asax, ssax, voc), Biliana Voutchkova (v)
Time: Friday, 29th May 2020, 23:35

Picture by Peter Podkowik