The piano trio is to jazz what the string quartet is to classical music: the supreme discipline, embodiment of elegance, poise, intimate dialogue, while promising limitless freedom when it comes to content. This is all on display in the interaction of three musicians who demonstrate in impressive fashion that German jazz has long since ascended to join the loftiest the genre has to offer internationally. Kaufmann with his inexhaustible trove of styles, sounds, ruptures, emotions; Landfermann with subtle timing and warm tone; and Lillinger, who alongside Jonas Burgwinkel is surely THE drummer of his generation. We’re delighted to have them!

Line-up: Achim Kaufmann (p), Robert Landfermann (b), Christian Lillinger (dr)
Time: Sunday, 31st May 2020, 18:55

Pictures by Cristina Marx / Photomusix & Frank Schindelbeck