Dear journalists,

Please find below some important information about the accreditation process and the conditions which need to be fulfilled if you intend to apply. 

Reporters from all sections of the media can apply for accreditation to the mœrs festival 2020. The mœrs festival reserves the right to grant or refuse accreditation on the basis of the credentials submitted.

Accreditations can be issued to journalists who

  • have reported on at least one of the past three mœrs festivals in a recognised public medium or
  • have been commissioned in writing by a media outlet to report on the mœrs festival 2020.  

Please submit the relevant documents – the official letter of commission from a media outlet and/or proof of publication of previous years' festival articles – together with your application

A press badge is not a substitute for the required documents.  

Please note that applications for accreditation can only be processed if they are received before midnight on May 22, 2020.

Important information for applications for photo accreditation:

Because of space restrictions in the ENNI Eventhalle, the number of photo permits available for the mœrs festival 2020 is limited. To be eligible for photo accreditation, photographers must prove that they have had at least one photograph from at least one of the past three moers festivals published in a recognised public medium. Private websites and personal blogs are explicitly excluded from this definition. 

Alternatively, applicants can submit written confirmation from a media outlet proving that they have been commissioned to take photographs at the mœrs festival 2020.