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Improviser in Residence 2019: Emilio Gordoa

We are very happy to have won over the mexican vibraphonist and drummer Emilio Gordoa Rodriguez, an outstanding personality of the young contemporary improvised music scene, as new improviser in residence.

Emilio Gordoa is a paradigm of the young generation of highly interesting improvisers, who make themselves conspicuous through diversity in style and content and can look back on an excellent and broad musical education.

Emilio Gordoa was born in Mexico City in 1987. He comes from a family of artists. His father is a musician and his mother a painter. Emilio perceives this family background as important for his numerous artistic interests and ideas.

His musical education began at private university before he change to the conservatory of his hometown. He studied classical drums, but also composition under Julio Estrada and Mario Lavista, two of the most important composers of Latin America.

He dealt with the percussion of the Middle East, electronic, dance-, film- and theatre music in numerous workshops and projects. After also organizing New Music festivals, he moved to Berlin in 2012 and became a full member of the sound collective Echtzeitmusik.

Here he dealt with improvisation, sound research and performance intensively. The protagonists of the contemporary scene consider Emilio Gordoa as extraordinary vibraphonist, who discovered the instrument newly through various techniques of playing.

Furthermore he devotes himself to amplification and electronic manipulation of percussion instruments. Emilio Gordoa was part of Nate Wooleys Seven Storey Mountain in the main program of mœrs festival 2018 as well as a dedicated and highly motivated member of the festival band for the project composer kids.

Emilio Gordoa is planning to change his centre of life to Moers as intensively as possible in 2019.

Together with his significant other, a polish artist, he wants to turn the residence on Kleine Allee into a hot spot for current art and a meeting place for everyone who is interested.

He already has a lot of ideas in mind!