Sa, 22nd May
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Am Viehtheater

Nihiloxica / David Murray Trio

19:00 Uhr: Entrance
20:10 Uhr: Concert start
22:00 Uhr: End


The young people show how it's done: rhythms and structures of the ancient Ugandan traditions, the pre-colonial Buganda Kingdom, merge seemingly effortlessly with sound sheets from London's Dark Electro. Nihiloxica has its origins at the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda's metropolis of Kampala. Leader Jajja Kalanda's African-European project is aimed primarily at the young people of his homeland, in "musical, craft and spiritual terms." The Ugandan-English band shows how much drive, soul and positive energy such an encounter can generate. For the young Englishmen respectfully blend into the Ugandan drum storm without wanting to dominate everything in the old European manner. Afro-Techno at its best!

Jacob Maskell-Key - dr; Peter Jones – elec; Alimansi Wanzu Aineomugisha – perc, voc; Henry Kasoma - perc; Henry Isabirye – perc; Jamiru Mwanje – perc

David Murray Trio

No one of the great protagonists of the contemporary jazz is as deeply rooted in the blues music as David Murray, Chico Freeman aside. Murrays colorful intonation, his feeling for swing, his powerful melancholy make him to a very important voice in jazz.

His new trio with sensitive bass man Bradley Jones and the great Hamid Drake scoops from the Afro-american tradition as well as from other cultures. Drake is an expert in music outside of the western scope of view. Jones also has played with a wide selection of musicians from Ornette Coleman to Elvis Costello.

David Murray - tsax; Bradley Jones - bs; Hamid Drake - dr