Mo, 24th May
7:25 PM - 9:15 PM

Am Viehtheater

Le Grand Sbam / Back to Basics

06pm: Entry
07:25pm: Concert start
09:15pm: End

Le Grand Sbam

The three protagonists of the hyper-trio PoiL form the basis for the octet Le Grand Sbam and set new standards in the prog scene. Fast, intricate, lively and young, they make even their fathers Zheul or Art Zoyd seem a bit ponderous. Their project Furvent is nothing less than a total work of art. Based on a series of novels by Lyon author Alain Damasio, known for his weird philosophical dystopias, the eight musicians* create an extremely diffenerenced and complex soundscape. As if that weren't enough, the Lyons also employ performative elements and bring along their costume and make-up designers and their lighting technicians.

Antoine Arnera – p, elec, voc, comp; Boris Cassone - b, mellotron, voc; Jessica Martin Maresco - voc; Guilhem Meier – dr, perc, voc, comp; Marie Nachury - voc; Grégoire Ternois – mar, dun dun bells, gong; Mihaï Trestian - cimbalom; Anne Quillier - moog, fender rhodes, voc

Back to Basics

Unexpected breaks and rhythms, very imaginative combinations of noise, clean, jazz, rock etc., inexhaustible ideas and a huge portion of enigmatic humor.

Fred Frith - g; Ava Mendoza - g; Oren Ambarchi - g