Conditions of participation festival village Moers 2021

Registration / Application
Registration takes place via our registration form, which must be completed in full. Important is a meaningful description and illustration of the products, so that we can decide on the application. Decisions are made in a timely manner in the current procedure, all applicants receive a notification of an acceptance or refusal. A contractual agreement is concluded when you have received a commitment from us and the stand fee has been transferred. Please ask us for a quote of fees for food stands.

Stand sizes and fees
The fee is € 120, - per running meter with a included depth of 4 m for non-food-stalls. From the 4th running meter onwards, each additional meter costs € 75, -. From the 4th meter depth onwards each additional meter costs € 60, -. The stands are set up with the exhibitor's own material.

Assembly and disassembly
The festival village opens on Friday the 21.05.2021 at 03:00 pm. The construction starts on Thursday, 20.05.2021, from 03:00 pm onwards. The dismantling begins Monday, 24.05.2021 from about 10:00 pm. Before closing the festival village, dismantling of the stand shall not be started. The organizer can not take over liability for the exhibited goods and stands. The market has to be left without leaving any damage and free of garbage.

The fees for electricity and water are charged by the electrical and sanitary company directly on site in cash (costs see contract).

Shared use by third parties / sublets
A joint use of the stand by third parties is only permitted after consultation and approval by the organizer. Sub-letting is not allowed.

Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations
An active application includes the rights of use of image and text material of the exhibitors for press, web, social media and on printed material. The invited press and media representatives have unrestricted access and rights of use of image, sound and text material. Exhibitors are also invited to photograph, film and use the material for promotional purposes during the festival village. You are allowed to present your own advertising material on your own stand.

The exhibitor offers only the goods registered in the registration documents. The sale of food and beverages is not permitted, except for those who have registered a beverage or food stand. A self-supply is of course allowed.

Cancellation policy
The registration is binding with the payment of the stand fees. A desired resignation from the registration will be decided on a case-by-case basis up to 14 days before the opening of the festival village. This includes the refund of the already paid fees. At the end of the 14-day period, 50 % of the fees will be retained.

Liability and damages
Entering the event site is at your own risk. Any liability of the organizer is excluded. The organizer assumes no liability for injuries, theft, loss or property damage incurred by the exhibitor or third parties during, before or after the event. The organizer is not liable for changes in dates or cancellations or events due to force majeure.

Changes and additions to the conditions of participation listed here require the mutual written agreement.