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Su, 5th June
4:20 PM - 5:10 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)



  • Michael Fischer (instant composition conducting)
  • Nika Zach (voice)
  • Isabell Kargl (voice)
  • Boglárka Bábiczki (voice)
  • Tahereh Nourani (flute)
  • Sara Zlanabitnig (flute)
  • Lisa Hofmaninger (bass clarinet, soprano saxophone)
  • Clemens Salesny (bass clarinet, alto saxophone)
  • Emily Stewart (violin)
  • Florian Sighartner (violin)
  • Clementine Gasser (cello)
  • Irmi Wolvin (cello)
  • Martin Burk (double bass)
  • Edward Reardon (synthesizer)
  • Bernhard Loibner (modular electronics)
  • Valentin Duit (drums)


With its practice of instant composition conducting, the VIENNA IMPROVISERS ORCHESTRA plays on a special discourse of experimental composition and complex improvised music for large ensembles: in an absolute ad hoc situation, musicians and instant composition conductors jointly develop momentary compositions that emerge in the oscillation of ensemble improvisation and structure-giving conducting - instant composition conducting that is conveyed with surprisingly few hand signals. - Terrain for an unforeseen universe of the possible, potentiated by the fact that each performance of the VIO consists of ever new ensemble constellations.

With about 350 participants so far, the VIO has been a guest at festivals such as Wien Modern or ArtActs and at central venues of the visual arts. Ensemble leader Michael Fischer works on the language immanence of sounds and their dramatic evidence on tenor saxophone, soundscapes and as instant composition conductor with improvisation orchestras and temporary large ensembles in the context of international festivals and guest lectures. The VIO was founded by him in 2004 as one of the first continuously working improvisation orchestras in Europe.