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Mo, 6th June
7:45 PM - 8:30 PM


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  • Tomeka Reid (cello)
  • Mary Halvorson (guitar)
  • Jason Roebke (bass)
  • Tomas Fujiwara (drums)

Tomeka Reid Quartet (US)

Now they stop at one point of the square. Here the structure is clearly visible, you look at it like a painter looks at a picture. Full of confusion and awe that this thing made it out of the head or body into the world and now has a life of its own. A little perplexed. Like a beautiful, elegant house that appeared to them as a whole, as an overall concept, ejected inexplicably out of the darkness in a single instant, containing a complete genetic code. The four quadrants, eternal journey, eternal return and so on, a gray courtyard, not green, shiny stone, slate. Home rethought, clearly and concisely, in a single moment. Everything there. Here and now.