© Luke Marantz

Mo, 6th June
6:40 PM - 7:25 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)



  • Anna Webber (sax)
  • gamin (korean woodwinds)
  • Mat Muntz (bagpipe, bass)
  • Vicente Han-sen Atria (drums, elec)

The Vex Collection (US, CL, KR)

It has been a long year since last March. Slowly but surely, things seem to have gotten out of control. The Vex Collection finally arrived. They really changed my life. One of the strangers, Vicente, tells me that they don't understand everything that's happening on their planet either. But they still know a lot. Only recently he told the truth about bagpipes. And Mat added that when you lie down and relax completely, gamin's dream world becomes much more obvious. There, music is considered a beautiful, novel form of the higher moerphymus. Matthew is amazed at how many thousands of hours of music he has on his headbands. "The universe is full of good planets." Then he started to an aerosolo.