Su, 5th June
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM


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  • John-Dennis Renken (tp)
  • Angelika Niescier (as)
  • Tai Chun Wai (drums)
  • Low Wai Kei (drums)
  • Leow Sze Yee (drums)
  • Lim Jian Ru (drums)
  • Eng Cheah Her (drums)
  • Chew Soon Heng (drums)
  • Matthias Akeo Nowak (bass)
  • Damien Leow (drums)

The Hidden Tune (MY, DE)

A well-known musicologist (it is said to have been A.N.) once gave a public lecture on the hidden melody of the universe. She described how the sax revolves around the trumpet and the bass in turn revolves around a gigantic collection of drums that we call "galactic rhythm".

When the lecture was over, a little old lady stood up in the back of the hall and explained: "What you told us is not true. In reality, the world is a flat long-playing record carried on its back by a Malaysian percussion turtle."

With a superior smile, the musicologist countered her: "And what does the Malaysian percussion turtle stand for?"

"Very smart, young lady," the old lady parried. "I'll tell you: There are a lot of Malaysian percussion turtles standing on top of each other."