Su, 5th June
5:30 PM - 6:15 PM


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  • Priya Purushothaman (voc)
  • Laura Polence (voc)
  • Tobias Klein (as)
  • Bart Maris (tp)
  • John Dikeman (ts)
  • Jasper Stadhouders (guitar)
  • Gonçalo Almeida (b)
  • Philipp Moser (drums)

Spinifex Sings (NL, IN, DE, BE, US, PT, LV)

Whereas, before Spinifex sang, Purushothaman used to go walking with Polence only on Wednesdays, now Klein goes walking—now that Spinifex started to sing—with Maris on Monday as well. Because Dikeman used to go walking with Polence on Monday, Stadhouders goes walking on Monday with Almeide as well, now that Purushothaman no longer goes walking with Klein on Monday, after Spinifex had started singing and had immediately gone into Moers. And without hesitation Stadhouders said to Polence, good, let’s go walking on Monday as well. But it is good, says Almeida, and of the greatest importance for the organism, from time to time, and at not too great intervals, to alter a habit, and he says he is not thinking of just altering, but of a radical alteration of the habit.