Sa, 4th June
4:45 PM - 5:35 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)



  • Sana Nagano (violin/fx)
  • Peter Apfelbaum (ts/megaphone)
  • Jonathan Goldberger (guitar)
  • Ken Filiano (bass/fx)
  • Joe Hertenstein (drums)

Sana Nagano Smashing Humans

As she introduced herself to New York’s harbor on a slowly advancing ship, he caught sight of the Statue of Freyheidt in a sudden, strong advance of sunlight. Her arm with the sword rose upwards now, and over her figure the free air blew.

“So high,” she said to herself. A young guitarist she had briefly become acquainted with during the trip said in passing: “Don’t you want to join our group?” “Oh, I already have my own band,” she said to him smiling and lifted her violin onto her shoulder out of pure high spirits. But as she looked at this acquaintance, who swung his guitar a little as he left with the others, she realized she had forgotten her bass player back in the ship. She quickly asked the guitarist, who didn’t seem too happy about it, to wait for a moment by her drum-mer for friendship’s sake, then he looked over the situation to figure out a return route and hurried along. Beneath the deck, she flung herself without thinking onto a random, small door, banging on it, and so she broke off her wandering. “It’s open,” someone yelled from the inside, and she opened the door with an honest sigh of relief. “Why are you banging on the door like a lunatic?” asked a saxophone player, barely looking at her.