© Michael Breyer

Mo, 6th June
8:50 PM - 9:50 PM



  • Robert Henke (electronics)

Robert Henke – CBM 8032 AV (DE)

The time traveler (because that's what I want to call him for the sake of simplicity) explained to the audience a difficult thing to understand. His eyes were shining and sparkling, and his usually pale face was reddened and invigorated.

  "You have to listen to me carefully. I will have to challenge one or the other idea, which is almost universally accepted. The electronics you were taught at school, for example, is based on a misunderstanding. Because in the beginning of it all was the Commodore."

  "With this claim, don't you expect a little much from us right from the start?" asked Ableton.

  "I'm not asking you to accept anything without a reasonable reason. You will soon grant me everything I need from you." the time traveler replied, switched on the electricity for the series of strange-looking devices in front of him on the table, listened with delight to their chirping and humming and then left his listeners in the safe with the question: "Think for a moment: Can a momentary cube exist?" astonished.