Mo, 6th June
10:10 PM - 11:00 PM


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  • Maya Dunietz (key)
  • Ram Gabay (drums)

Perpetuum Disco (IL)

When the world was half a millennium younger, all events in people's lives had much more sharply defined forms than today (...), everything that was experienced still had the degree of immediacy and exclusivity that joy and suffering still possess in the minds of children today. (...) The big events, perpetuum, repetition, disco, keys' ́n drums were in the splendor of an idiosyncratic sound that only Maya and Ram know how to produce so sensitively. (...) Everyone dances barefoot and with an empty stomach, the gentlemen of Parliament as well as the poor citizens. From the villages around Moers, the poor countrymen came barefoot, twitched and swayed to the beat of the extatic, yet clear rhythms. And almost all the time it rained heavily.