Su, 5th June
12:10 AM - 12:55 AM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)



  • Pavel Milyakov (electronics, guitar)

Pavel Milyakov (RU)

"Because this is the law of the musicians and the sea," said Pavel: "If you want Freyheidt, you have to penetrate through the mists. The shapeless always seeks the form, just as the countless clouds of fog long to become suns and moons; and we, who were looking for a lot and are now returning to this island as an embossed form, must become fog again and learn anew from the beginning. After all, how can something live and swing to the heights if this does not spring from the desire and thirst for Freyheidt? I will not remain silent. I will scream when the hand of the times reaches for my throat, and I will sing when my lips are inflamed."