• Silke Eberhard (sax)
  • Chris Pitsiokos (sax)
  • Anna Webber (sax)
  • Peter Apfelbaum (sax)
  • Lisa Hofmaninger (sax)
  • Angelika Niescier (sax)
  • Francesco Bigoni (sax)
  • Hay-den Chisholm (sax)

Parallel Double Saxophone Quartet

At Pentecost B. – black trousers, leather jacket, sneaker, hat, saxophone case, went to Moers. Following a strange mood, he said that he should stop by the hall again. His way there led him via the newly converted parking lot, past several tree stumps and branches lying around to the main entrance, in front of which sat an old street singer, with a guitar that had already seen better times and a tin can for the coins.

"Hi, bro, here again?" asked the old man between two chords.
"Jepp. And the others?"
"They're already inside."