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Mo, 6th June
1:00 AM - 1:45 AM

Stadtkirche Moers

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  • Maya Dunietz – organ

Maya Dunietz „you're in my Religion too“ (IL)

And now to you, whose hands shape and find all the things that are useful for the well-being of our days and nights: to be is to be a weaver with seeing fingers; a builder who pays attention to light and space; a farmer who feels himself burying a treasure with each seed; a fisherman and a hunter with mercy for the fish and the animal, but with greater mercy for the hunger and plight of the people. And I say to you, I want to have each and every one of you as companions, for the benefit of each one; for only in this way can you hope to achieve your higher goals. Be brave, create space within yourself, and do not be cramped; and until my hour and yours try to be your greater self. By: Khalil Gibran, In the Garden of the Prophet