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Sa, 4th June
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)



  • Snir Kaduri (flute)
  • Jonathan Hadas (clarinet)
  • Nadav Cohen (fagott)
  • Talia Herzlich (violin)
  • Yoni Gotlibovich (violincello)
  • Amit Dolberg (piano)
  • Mädchenchor am Essener Dom (25 Choristinnen unter der Leitung von Steffen Schreyer)

Maya Dunietz "Hai Shirim" oe Meitar Ensemble oe Mädchenchor am Essener Dom (DE/IL)

And who knows if she did not come to avant-garde dignity for the sake of this time? Maya Dunietz, the all-rounder of the Israeli scene. Choir director, composer, sound designer, frontier experienced, air sculpture maker and occasionally placing mammoths on roofs. Will she appear in Levontin 7 from time to time? Just moersytalk with her. But please only after the concert of "Hai Shirim", their composition in Arabic, performed by the Meitar Ensemble (Hagar Shahal and Anat Nazarathy (flute), Jonathan Hadas (clarinet), Nadav Cohen (bassoon), Cecilia Bercovich and Talia Herzlich (violin), Nathanael Gubler (viola), Yoni Gotlibovitch (cello), Amit Dolberg (piano), Daniel Solomonov (percussion), Reut Ventorero (voice), Talia Amar (electronics)) and a youth choir.