Fr, 3rd June
4:05 PM - 4:35 PM


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  • Matthew Welch (bagpipes)

Matthew Welch solo bagpipes: Matthew Welch plays Braxton, Glass, Welch & More! (US)

The wren chirped his song, hidden in the dark edge of the Rodelberg. Though it was after ten o'clock at night, the sky still clung to and preserved some lingering veils of light from the past day; and the sombre heat of the scorching afternoon dissolved and rolled away under the scattering touch of the cool fingers of the short midsummer night. Matthew Welch lay sprawled beside his bagpipes, still panting from the stress of a wild day that had been cloudless from dawn until late sunset, and awaited his friend's return. It was still too hot to even think about staying inside so he lay down on some cool dock sheets and thought about the past day and the tunes he had played and how good they had all been.