Fr, 3rd June
7:00 PM - 7:55 PM

Altes Landratsamt

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  • Alessandro Palmitessa (comp, cl, sax perc)
  • Cosimo Erario (Gitarre)
  • Bassem Hawar (Djoze-Kniegeige)
  • Daud Khan Sadozai (Robab = Traditionelle afghanische Laute)
  • Almut Kühne (voc)

I don't want your war. Afghanistan 1969. Ein Land, vom Kino und Musik gerettet (AF, DE, IQ, IT)

It's war again. Not in distant countries, but near us. The idea of  "Afghanistan 1969. A country saved by cinema and music" was created at a time when bombs and deaths were taking place miles away from our wealthy Europe. It was a special cinematic event that focuses on a documentary with an old Super 8 film. The film was shot in Afghanistan in 1969. The country we see in the film no longer exists, not only because 50 years have passed from the moment of filming to the present day, but above all because this country has been devastated by numerous wars in recent decades, despite the so-called peace or security missions (as we saw last summer through dramatic images). A fundamental thing that this film shows us is a country that still lives in peace. Unimaginable these days. The film is accompanied by live music played by four musicians from different countries, Italy, Iraq and Afghanistan. Music is an encounter between European and Oriental musical traditions that shows a concrete encounter and dialogue between different cultures. These incredible images show us that there was another better reality and so "Afghanistan 1969. A country saved by cinema and music" a kind of desire for a new possible harmony for this war-torn country, and also for all other countries that were at war. It was a wish, a musical gesture against oppression and destruction in the name of profit, but it has become even more topical and necessary today.

In the first performance, the four-member ensemble play together, in the second, the guests are cordially invited to improvise with instruments, voice, text or other to the images in order to express their rejection of all forms of oppression and war.