Sa, 4th June
1:30 PM - 2:10 PM


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  • Almut Kühne (voc)
  • Joke Lanz (turntables)
  • Alfred Vogel (drums)


Not a participant themselves, their eternal debates nevertheless have in me a fan, an enthusiastic listener, because for me they are like music in many ways. As soon as the first, early evening and usually somewhat shaky phase of tuning in is over, a constant stream of sounds usually develops, swelling and decreasing in tempo and volume, performed with rough, drunken voices, always in the chest tone of conviction and spurred on by the prevailing view that whoever is loud is right and thus whoever is louder, on the right, underlaid with a carpet of polyphonic babble, which in turn is interwoven with changing and repetitive themes, from which surprising solos then grow upwards, dramatic highlights and swaying tumults that often sway so long until furniture crashes and glass clanks, and which sometimes do not want to subside until Hasso Kottge – Hasso with the cruelly crossing eyes, Hasso with the tendency to foam in front of his mouth, Hasso with the tremor of a feverish mandolin player – the six-shot player crawled out of his hiding place and fired one or two much-noticed bullets more or less over the heads of those present, always followed by a short span of complete silence. Before it starts all over again, under rumblings and hustles.