Mo, 6th June
4:25 PM - 5:15 PM

Festivalhalle (Mandatory masks)



  • Andrew Bernstein (sax, percussion)
  • Owen Gardner (guitar)
  • Max Eilbacher (bass, synth)
  • Sam Haberman (drums)
  • Oliver Siegel (accordion, synths, percussion)
  • Laura Polence (voc)
  • Florian Walter (b-cl)
  • Julia Brüssel (violin)
  • Simon Camatta (perc, clapping)
  • Carolin Pook (perc, clapping)
  • Max Wehner (perc, clapping)

Horse Lords: "Stay on It" & "Integral Accident" (US, NL, DE)

Lord of Horse - or von Horse, as he had been known officially at his tenth birthday-had set out alone from his house in Just Intonation Road, Baltimore/Maryland, for an extended walk. It was a spring afternoon in that year of grace 20-, when Europe sat upon the anxious seat beneath a menace that hung over its head for months. He was overwrought by a morning of hard, nerve taxing work on Julius Eastman's score, work which had not ceased to exact his uttermost in the way of sustained concentration, conscientiousness, and tact; and after the noon meal found himself powerless to check the onward sweep of the productive mechanism within him, that "motus animi continuus" in which, according to Cicero, the 5/8 rhythm resides. He had sought but not found the exonerating final chord that was, at the increasing complexity of his ideas, so necessary. Now, Lord of Horse undertook a walk in the hope that sound, repetition, and movement of asynchronism might send him back refreshed to a good evening's performance.