Sa, 4th June
3:40 PM - 4:25 PM


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  • Shoji Hano (drums)
  • Hans Peter Hiby (sax)

Hiby-Hano Duo (DE, JP)

The fog can come from outside and catch up with you; it can penetrate. H., as some called him, at the long, high window of his library – it was located in a bizarre building of concrete blocks that had previously, in another time, formed a ramp to the highway to D. – hung on to his thoughts and looked at the fog that the Wupper. And because it was evening and the world darkened, this fog frightened him as much as that other fog that inside, which did not penetrate, but expanded, moved and filled the whole body. "Let's do some more donaueschingen before it's too late!" Shoji said to him, stretching the fur of his drum and leading him outside on the sound path.