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  • Chakone Chelba Sankure (voc, plastic bags)
  • Shewaye Titemo Tsona (voc, plastic bags)
  • Shewaye Sende Selfeko (voc, plastic bags)
  • Zase Zada Ebiya (voc, plastic bags)
  • Tadelech Belayneh Beteche (voc, plastic bags)
  • Arbe Angota Afeze (voc, plastic bags)
  • Chemere Chebo Waysa (voc, plastic bags)
  • Merke Sheno Segeno (voc, plastic bags)
  • Tuma Tumbule Tunkalo (voc, plastic bags)
  • Mekonen Zema Wejo (voc, plastic bags)
  • Alemayehu Dode Koyile (voc, plastic bags)
  • Melaku Belay (dance)
  • Judith (AI)

Gamo Singers + Judith (ET, DE)

But now we had arrived in our century at the end of the world and completely fallen out of space and time and arrived in another reality. Plasma is ionized gas. We would have to use our own eyes to see something, we would have to hear with our own ears. Ionized gas. What you can do with it, Gianni said. It's wonderful to hear voices again, I said. Gianni then read everything by Böll for the first time, I read everything by Böll for the second time. What a really boiling choir is, it has to steam properly, Böll had said, and I had not understood it. Listen to that, Gianni said. Do you know the whole story, I said.