Florina Speth und Kay Sievers (DE)

“We have an inexorable tendency to see ourselves as the center. Step by step, the exploration of reality, natural science, frees us from this illusion. She proved to us that we do not live in the center of a disk and that the spherical earth revolves around a sun that is not at the center of the universe. Even today, for most people, the earth is the spiritual center of the world, namely, as they honestly believe, the only place in the whole vast cosmos where life, consciousness and intelligence have developed. The fact that this conviction is in truth only a new disguise in which we encounter the old delusion of the center, this insight is slowly but unstoppably spreading today with the penetration of scientific research into space beyond our earth.”

"You remembered that from TVing, Florina!" Kay countered when they entered Department 08 in Mirabell Palace.

"Immersing, bro! And there's a bit of interweaving as well.” she replied and bowed a C sharp on her cello, exactly 1.5 degrees down.