Sa, 4th June
11:00 PM - 11:50 PM


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  • Bex Burch (gyil, vib, bd, shakers, bells, gong, snare, electronics)
  • Tamar Osborn (b-cl, fl, ss, EHX deluxe memory boy)
  • Al MacSween (prepared piano, moog sub37)
  • Sarathy Korwar (drums, tabla)

Flock (UK, US)

I saw the flat flake islands in the mirror-like waters of the Burch north-west of Danalogue. On the largest of these, Bex sat in the Whitsun sun, gazing across at the towers and pavilions of the Summer Palace floating on the far far bank. Sarathy, Al and Tamar joined and they dipped their bamboo sticks in the water and began writing their flocks with saturated sponges. But no matter how elegantly and confidently they painted their sound marks, the sound was lost in the steaming sun.