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Fr, 3rd June
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Turnhalle 1 Gymnasium Filder Benden

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  • DJ Tudo aka Alfredo Bello

DJ Tudo - „Brazil, a cultural continent“

"A message is coming from Maranhão," Milton told Tudo when they met at the Metamoersum the other day. "It wasn't on the radio, in the newspaper or on TV, it came with the wind blowing there on the coast. From Fortaleza, from Recife, your city, and from Natal. The good news was heard in Belém, Manaus, João Pessoa, Teresina and Aracajú. And from the north we went down to central Brazil. Arriving in Minas Gerais, it has already caused a lot of fuss in the south. Because there lives a people who deserve more respect. You know, Tudo, people are beautiful, just as all love is beautiful. There lives a people who are sea and river. And your destiny is to join them one day.... A people that cultivates quality. Be wiser than those who want to rule you! Brazil is not only a coastal country, it is much more. There are good people who are spread out in this Brazil. That will make this place a good country."