© Caroline Schlüter (Foto links)


  • Florian Walter (reeds)
  • Tizia Zimmermann (accordion)
  • Bones (bass)
  • Stickboy (drums)

Compressorhead's Stickboy & Bones feat. Walter / Zimmermann - "Runtime Paradise" (DE)

....dô I thought so much,
how one should live in the world.
I gave your advice,
how to acquire driu dinc,
who never perishes.
diu two sint êre and varnde guot,
daz thick another damage tuot.
the third is god's mercy,
the two over guilder.
I would like to put them in a shrine:
Yes, unfortunately, that didn't work,
daz guot and worldly êre
and gods hulde mêre
zesamene come into a heart.
stîg ande ways are in benomen;
untriuwe is in the sâze,
violence vert ûf der straze,
fride unde reht sint sêre wunt.
you don't have any escort,
diu two enwill be ê sansed.