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Mo, 6th June
2:40 PM - 3:15 PM


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  • Chris Pitsiokos (sax)
  • Violeta Garcia (cello)

Chris Pitsiokos & Violeta Garcia (AR, US)

First Vigilie

On Pentecost Sunday, in the afternoon at three o'clock, a young person in Moers ran through the Moersland into the black hall and almost into a full basket of violets, which a market crier offered for sale, so that everything that happily escaped the squeeze was thrown out and the cardholders under Mount Olympus cheerfully shared the sounds that the hasty gentleman threw at them with the violets. On the cries of the market crier raised, the gevatterinnen left their cake, veggieburger and Slibovitz tables, surrounded the young person and talked impetuously to him, so that, silently, he could only show his old horn shyly in front of him. The market crier called out to him: "Yes, just run, you city dweller who never sleeps, run back to Moersland, so that you may meet your violets again in the virtual!"

The Christoffelus (who was no one else the young man), despite not understanding the strange words of the market crier, felt involuntarily seized and sought his way back.