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Mo, 6th June
9:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Aula Filder Benden

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  • Wolff Parkinson White

Buttonesque (DE)

I'm a drummer, official job title: percussio (or kussio?)nist, several years old, and one of my numbers is called: Arrival and Departure, a long solo in which the listener confuses arrival and departure to the end; it consists of at least 600 sounds, which of course, like a choreography, I have to have in my head, so it makes sense that I succumb to my own imagination every now and then: tumbling into a drum, looking at the cadence table, running up and down runs , so as not to miss the beginning, while all I had to do was wait. In between, I read dubious newspapers in the bathtub, at least three, sometimes six, and sing chorales, hymns and sequences that I still remember from the distant past in the holy cathedral.